Book Review of ‘A Pinch of Sun and Other Poems’ by Ambika Ananth

A book of genuine poetic substance

A Navy veteran and poetry? It may sound a bit strange – Men in Naval Forces are supposed to be hard chargers who go out there on the seas and operate with all their might. How can then poetry, the Muse, spring from a Navy man’s heart? The answer is this book of poems A Pinch of Sun and Other Poems by Dilip Mohapatra, a Navy veteran who started writing poems since the seventies – which were published in many national and international journals. This collection under review has sixty poems on varied topics.

Primarily a poet of humane thoughts, he deftly shifts to pen his myriad thoughts – both subjective and objective, to write with an all-absorbing passion and earnestness.  Only when poetry is written with an overwhelming impulsion and instinct, poems will send out their feelers to evoke responses.  To be able to tease out that particular thought which is raring to shape itself into a good poem, and then write a good poem, it takes a sort of pristine poetic mood and creative élan – that quality can be seen abundantly in Dilip Mohapatra’s work. That intuitive and inventive exercise if one needs to indulge in to capture and recreate the mental image verbally, he seemed to have succeeded in indulging in that without much effort.

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