The Author featured in the Cover Story of business magazine Corporate Citizen

The Author has been featured in the Cover Story of business magazine Corporate Citizen in its 16-31 Dec 2015 issue. It carries an interview and a supporting story.

Here is the cover page of the magazine.

Author featured in Business Magazine Corporate Citizen


The pdf version of the complete story is given below. If you wish to download the full story, please right click here and choose ‘Save Link As’. You can also click this link to open the document in a new window for better readability.



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New English Review publishes author’s poem “Moving On”

Moving On


You perhaps have grown tired of me

and do not respond to my anxious calls

nor to my frantic messages.

You look the other way when

we cross each other’s tracks by default

hoping that I shall crumble

into a heap of ignoble dust

to be blown away to nothingness

or I would dissolve my heart bit by bit

in the salinity of my caustic tears.


But I assure you

I too would forget you and ignore you

fraction by fraction

and soon your name would be wiped

off my conscience like

the writings on the sands on the beach

licked clean by one sweep

of an indignant wave

and then I would spread my wings

once again to fly off to

another far off land and roost on

another tree.


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The online magazine Jellyfish Whispers publishes two poems of the author


Under the banyan tree in the street corner
few worn out scooter tires and semi-wet sands
which once supported the earthen pots
filled with drinking water not long ago
now feel desolate and deserted.

The red flames on the Gulmohar trees
flanking the streets doused by the first showers
have lost their sheen to the verdant green.
Blue polythene covered sheds have mushroomed
along the rows of shops skirting the footpaths.

The summer has slipped away
and perhaps is hiding behind the clouds
and a farmer in his ramshackle hut
puts an aluminum pot below the dripping hole
on his thatched roof and scrapes
the dry mud off his overused plough.

Paper Boats

Monsoon descends
and the clouds split open
the gutters running parallel
on both sides of
the narrow village gully
swell up in a spate and
bridge the gap
between them
to shake hands.

An endless ribbon of
muddy brown water
slithers on the road
like a huge serpent
after its prey
a faint and translucent sun
swims on its back lazily
a wanton wind whistling
through the coconut fronds.

Tiny dots of paper boats
appear from nowhere
riding the crests and troughs
of the gushing stream
dancing in tandem
to the rhythms of the ripples
wobbling aimlessly
with no compass nor chart
and no harbour to enter.

They set sail on their uncertain course
with no ropes nor even an anchor
and with no cargo in the holds
of their folds
but their transparent rigging
laden with laughter and cheer
and boundless glee
like the trinkets twinkling
on a Christmas tree.

The notebooks become
thinner and thinner
while some topple and capsize
and some continue to stay afloat
their keels becoming
wetter and heavier as they sail by.
An infinite joy abounds
in the air and
spirits soar high.


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New English Review publishes the author’s poem ‘Eyes’


The eyes that we see

and the eyes that see us

in pairs are not

simple windows to our mind

to let the light in passively

and what they see

are not always the truth

sometimes mistaking a mirage

for an oasis

yet sometimes seeing

the universe in a cocoon

but when they speak

the language of love

trust and gratitude

they can never lie.


You close one

to focus on the bull’s eye

conveying your

fortitude and

singleminded determination


speaking the language of

equanimity in



You transcend from

mystic to esoteric

when you set free your

atrophied third eye

from the confines

of your pineal gland

and unleash its fiery tongue

to lick up the evil

and burn it to ashes.


And as you close them

and shut them out

to the world around you

you delve deep

within you

and they converse with you

in your meditative silence

with reasons and reflections

to probe within

seeking the supreme being

in your soul

and then you see the mirror

with no aberration.


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