Different Shades by Dilip Mohapatra


A Collection of 60 Poems
Paperback (English)
Length: 138 pages
Publisher: Authorspress

About the book:

Different Shades is the author’s second collection of poems that reflects his myriad moods, memories and emotions.

Sample Poem from the Book:


Under the banyan tree in the street corner

few worn out scooter tyres and semi-wet sands

which once supported the earthen pots

filled with drinking water not long ago

now feel desolate and deserted.


The red flames on the Gulmohar trees

flanking the streets doused by the first showers

have lost their sheen to the verdant green.

Blue polythene covered sheds have mushroomed

along the rows of shops skirting the footpaths.


The summer has slipped away

and perhaps is hiding behind the clouds

and a farmer in his ramshackle hut

puts an aluminium pot below the dripping hole

on his thatched roof and scrapes

the dry mud off his overused plough.

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